No work can be done without the help of others.


Collaborators of past, ongoing and future projects are simply too many to mention. I apologize for those accidentally left out. Here, I attempt to mention the institutions and people more closely involved with my work throughout the years.

View this as a "Thank you" section for all  that helped and continue to help me understand and protect the world's biodiversity.

If you feel you or your institution should appear here, please send me an email (angry or friendly) and I will promptly include you.



Marcelo Sturaro

Thiago Carvalho

Victor Dill Orrico

Adriano Maciel

Gabriel Costa

Alexandre Aleixo


José M. Padial

Santiago Castroviejo

Ivan Prates

Silvia Pavan

Teresa Avila Pires

Julian Faivovich

Sergio Lucena Mendes

Dolores Casagranda

Mariana Lyra

Pablo Cerqueira

Ana Paula Motta

Gisele Ferreira