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Brazilian Salamanders: Rare, Beautiful and Endangered

May 18, 2018

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The small and plentiful

December 19, 2018

Meet newest amazonian frog is Phyzelaphryne nimio, a tiny member of the Eleutherodactylidae discovered at Estação Ecológica Juami-Japurá, in the state of Amazonas. I participated in the description, together with friends and colleagues.


Adults 'Phyzelaphryne nimio' reach a maximum size of 1.6cm.




The name was given in allusion to the abundance of the new species in the two localities where it was collected and to its very small body size. The specific epithet nimio is a Spanish masculine adjective derived from the Latin word nimius (“abundant” or “plentiful”). The Spanish term keeps this meaning but has also received the additional meaning of “insignificant” and “very small”.




Male and female 'Phyzelaphryne nimio' making new 'Phyzelaphryne'