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Popular articles published in multiple outlets, including multiple stories for National Geographic.

Invited talks in academic or private companies, interviews.

Short video interview I did with the Maxwell/Hanrahan to celebrate my Award in Field Biology (2021). This short video is a brief summary of why I got nominated and won the award. It also contains some footage and photos from my fieldwork.

Interview with Mila Burns about the importance of studying and preserving the Amazonian rainforest (in portuguese)

         -  Globo Internacional

Story and interview with Amanda Pereira for Eco Record 

(in portuguese)

         -  TV Record Pará

Promo / Science Communication recorded to promote Disney's series for kids "Amphibia" (01 out of 10)

         -  Disney XD

Promo / Science Communication recorded to promote Disney's series for kids "Amphibia" (02 out of 10)

         -  Disney XD

Profile: Richard Gilder Graduate School

         -  American Museum of Natural History


Media coverage about my projects and work with collaborators


Antes que seja tarde: pesquisadores trabalham para identificar

anfíbios ameaçados

         -  Globo | Portal G1   (portuguese)

Projeto documenta anfíbios ameaçados de extinção no Brasil

         -  O ECO   (portuguese) 

Sapo, perereca e rã: ameaçados de extinção, anfíbios brasileiros 

ganham banco de dados digital

         -  National Geographic Brasil (portuguese)

New Frog Species Named After Fabled Female Warriors

         -  National Geographic 

Pedro Peloso: explorador (profile)

         -  National Geographic Brasil (portuguese)


Onde moram os anfíbios

         -  Revista Amazônia Viva (portuguese) - pg. 32-39

Mapinguari, la nuova rana col nome da mostro

         -  National Geographic Italy   (italian)  


Um novo calango baiano e seus parentes paraguaios

         -  O ECO   (portuguese) 


New "Bat Frog" Found in Amazon, Named for Ozzy Osbourne

         -  National Geographic


Criaturas da Selva | Fotolab

         -  Revista FAPESP   (print | portuguese)


Pop star species from the Johnny Cash spider to the Beyoncé horsefly

         -  The Guardian


Five new frog species discovered in fast-disappearing forests

         -  The Australian Museum


Diving into Brazilian biodiversity

         -  American Museum of Natural History


New tree frog named for Ozzy Osbourne

         -  Science | News


Pesquisadores identificam novas espécies de sapo na Amazônia

         -  Globo | Portal G1   (portuguese)

The critter people

         -  The New York Times

Pesquisadores identificam nova espécie de minissapo no ES

         -  Globo | Portal G1   (portuguese) 

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