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Terms and Conditions

By using this website, you agree to the following terms:

All images and video on this site, unless otherwise indicated, are copyright of Pedro Peloso. 


Images or video may not be reproduced, copied, projected, or used in any way without (a) express written permission on the photographer’s invoice stating the rights granted and the terms thereof and (b) payment of any fees agreed upon by both parties.

All images herein are protected under Brazilian, United States and International copyright laws. You hereby expressly consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal courts with respect to claims by the photographer under the Copyright Act of 1976, as amended, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Illegal and unauthorized use of the images in this website may result in a court dispute at the sole discretion of the photographer.

Use of Photos

If you’d like to license an image or video in this website, please complete this form.  When doing so please describe your needs in as much detail as possible, this will help us evaluate the right compensation (if any) for the work of the photographer.


If you’d like to license an image for a  non-commercial use (editorial, non-profit, conservation, academic or student use, articles in magazines, newspapers, and websites; powerpoint presentations; exhibitions; use in papers or reports), we may be able to allow single use of the images for free, or for a symbolic compensation. If you’re a non-profit, a conservation initiative, or a student, please include that in your message


If you’d like to license an image a commercial use (including advertisements, clothing, or products for sale) please include details of your needs. Many of the images in the website are licensed through Panamazonica / Acervo H, you may be able to find the image you need therein.

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